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Downside® about us

What is Downside about?

Downside's goal is to remind people that we're experiencing a financial bubble, and that financial bubbles always burst. (We originally wrote that in April, 2000. Any questions?)

Do we have investments in the stocks mentioned on Downside?

We do not have a financial interest in any stocks mentioned. Nor do we take short positions. We're into Treasury bills and value funds.

Where are the cartoon characters from?

Cranky Guy (below), Dopey Guy, The Loser, The Mourner, and the Deathwatch Vulture are by M. Guerin of my-sfx and are used by permission. The guy jumping off the building is from Animats. After September 11th, we removed that last image from the home page.

Who's behind Downside?
Cranky Guy courtesy of my-sfx

Downside is operated by John Nagle, a contrarian in Silicon Valley.

What's our privacy policy?
Unless you send us e-mail, we don't know who you are. We don't use cookies. We keep some statistical information about users of the site by IP address. We don't spam. Our "books" section links to booksellers, and if you order from them, you'll probably get E-mail from them.
Legal notices and disclaimers

We are not responsible for errors and omissions in our data. We provide this data without charge, on a "best-efforts" basis, and you, the reader, are solely responsible for any use you make of it. As always, "investigate before you invest".

About the databases

Our financial data comes from the public-access EDGAR database at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission. Our database is updated every morning shortly after 4 AM Eastern time.

The financial statements are extracted automatically from the official SEC filings. SEC filings are not designed for machine processing. Because the format of filings varies considerably, the extraction process is sometimes unsuccessful. Thus, error messages will appear for some filings. Generally, if extraction is successful, the numbers are valid, but we do not guarantee this. Please let us know if you find a filing for which the financial extraction system produced incorrect numbers without accompanying error messages.

The financial statements are annotated with XBRL, a standard for expressing financial data in machine-readable form. This feature is experimental.

We reserve the right to limit the number of accesses per user per day, to prevent server overload. If you have a need for this data in bulk, please let us know, and we'll work something out.