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Downside® financials in XBRL

We're working on some new ways to make it easier to work with company fundamentals. This is an experimental feature.

2002-01-12 - XBRL inside HTML

Our automatically extracted financial statements are intended for use both by humans and XML parsers. The XML follows the XBRL standard for US Generally Accepted Accounting Principles.

XBRL and HTML data are not usually mixed in this fashion. This representation has the advantage that computers and humans see the same numbers. (This avoids the problem that killed the old EDGAR Financial Data Schedules - companies had troubles keeping the Financial Data Schedules and the official filings consistent). This is an experiment to see if others find this representation useful. Comments on this representation are welcome.

Note that this is still experimental. Many items will not be identified with XML tags, because our database of terms used in financial statements is incomplete. Also, we are not representing the hierarchy of the numerical items at this time, just their names and values.

If you have tools that can process this data, we'd be happy to provide a link.